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1 2nd husband Zihue Collins Nov 1817? From Marriages in Fountain Co, OH. SEITZ, Catherine (I268)
2 2nd husband? Solomon Lindselle Apr 1815. From Marriages in Fountain Co. Family F95
3 the 1850 census
Family F18
4 the 1860 census
Family F18
5 Charles E Brown and family in the census 1900-1930  BROWN, Charles Emerson (I218)
6 Early history of Kalida, OH
Family F18
The Browns in the census
Family F228
The Browns in the census
Family F223
9 A member of The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. WING, Charlotte Elizabeth (I40)
10 According to official Seneca County historical records, Bloom Township, as established in 1824, was named in honor of the German patriot, Bloom, on the suggestion of John Seitz. John lived and owned land in Bloom Township, Seneca County, OH from 1821 until his death in 1874. SEITZ, John Sr. (I272)
11 According to official Seneca County historical records, Lewis Seitz was a Bloom Township trustee from 1839 to 1841. SEITZ, Elder Lewis Jr. (I269)
12 Adam Funk was born in 1733 on board the ship "Pink Mary" on its way to Philadelphia PA from Rotterdam, Germany. His mother died giving birth. On landing, his father Frederick left infant Adam, seven months old, in the care of a friend in Philadelphia, while he went to look for business or a place to settle, but was never heard from afterwards. It is possible that he emigrated to Virginia, where he may have lived till his death.  FUNK, Adam (I692)
13 Adelaide Fish was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1905. She graduated from Cincinnatus (New York) High School in 1922 and in 1926 received her bachelor's degree in music from Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. In 1967, AFHC was awarded a Ph.D. in speech education from New York University. She married Mark Hawley on Dec. 25, 1932; their only child, Marcia, was born on April 10, 1937. On April 8, 1950, four years after her divorce from MH, AFHC married Lawrence Cumming.
Following her graduation from college, AFHC taught music for two and a half years at the Alabama College School of Music in Montevallo. She then returned to New York, intending to pursue a career in opera, but instead joined a trio which sang in vaudeville, on the radio, and in churches.
AFHC began her thirty-year broadcasting career in 1935. She narrated numerous radio and television programs including: "The Woman Reporter", "Woman's Page of the Air", and "News of the Day" (an MGM newsreel). Many of her radio shows and personal appearances focused on the world of fashion; her program, "Fashions on Parade" (1948-1949) was television's first such show. AFHC took on the role of Betty Crocker in 1950; she portrayed BC on television and radio until 1964, when General Mills changed its advertising campaign and when she left broadcasting. Throughout her career, AFHC appeared as a guest speaker at numerous functions, ranging from a luncheon of the Advertising Club of Boston to 4-H Club banquets. In addition, she wrote the scripts for many of the programs in which she appeared, as well as several articles and stories. 
FISH, Dieta Adelaide (I52)
14 Ann Clark was Francis Hawley's first wife. Family F37
15 Aps was a farmer and also worked at a Union City carriage factory.

(Information courtesy of Ken Baker.) 
FRIESNER, Absalom (I386)
16 Benjamin was the Vice President of Exchange Bank in Columbus Grove, Putnam County, OH SEITZ, Benjamin Franklin (I461)
17 Carrol died of leukemia. SEITZ, Carrol Bernice (I186)
18 Circa 1822, the Rev. Lewis Seitz, leaving his wife and family at home, left on a horseback trip to Rockingham County, VA and York County, PA, preaching at different Baptist churches en route, and visiting his old home and relatives.
While returning to Ohio, it is said that he was taken ill at Washington PA -- which trail he would have taken through the mountains -- where he died and was buried.
SEITZ, Lewis Sr. (I9)
19 Civil War Enlistment:

- Enlisted as a Private on 02 Sep 1864 at age of 21, in Company B, 15th Cavalry Regiment
- Wounded on 01 Apr 1865 at Five Forks, VA
- Mustered out on 27 Jun 1865 in Washington D.C.  
HAWLEY, Hiram Lewis (I32)
20 Daniel Seitz was born 17 Dec. 1791 in Rockingham County, Va., a son of Lewis and Anna Beery SEITZ. When he was 10 or 11 years old, his family moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, where Daniel lived the rest of his life. Daniel was a teamster in the War of 1812, serving about six weeks from mid-August 1813 to about the first of October, driving a four-horse wagon. Daniel received 160-acre land warrant No. 95723 on 23 Nov. 1860 for that service. However, his widow was later turned down in her application for a pension. Daniel was a farmer. He married first Elizabeth HITE 1 June 1813. His father performed the ceremony. They had 11 children. She died 14 May 1831. Daniel married second Catherine Beery, a second cousin,15 April 1832. The ceremony was performed by his brother Jacob Seitz, a justice of peace. Daniel and Catherine had eight children. Daniel died 14 Oct. 1864. From

From The Seitz Site
-- created by Karl Seitz 
SEITZ, Daniel (I11)
21 Deacon Gearhart was one of the constituent members of the Portage Baptist Church. He was a lumberman, built a sawmill and became a farmer on the paternal homestead. GEARHART, Deacon John (I368)
22 Died after an illiness of five months due to cancer of the liver. SEITZ, Clarence David (I67)
23 Died at age 84. SEITZ, Benjamin Franklin (I885)
24 Died at the age of 13. HENDRICKS, Clara Elizabeth (I493)
25 Died at the age of 15. HENDRICKS Charles C. (I492)
26 Died at the age of 6. HENDRICKS, Adeline (I457)
27 Died in his youth. HANKS, Isaac (I639)
28 Died in infancy SEITZ, Catharine (I903)
29 Died in infancy. SEITZ, Samuel (I902)
30 Died in infancy. SEITZ, Adam (I925)
31 Died in the Civil War SEITZ, Noah (I142)
32 Died of cancer. COE, Mary Frances (I69)
33 Died of disease during his enlistment in the Civil War on 21 October 1862. HANKS, George G. (I349)
34 Don was an author and journalist; business manager of the New York World from 1898 to 1923; adviser and biographer of the late great Joseph Pulitzer. SEITZ, Don Carlos (I396)
35 During the voyage acrossed the ocean a son was born, named Adam, who was weven weeks old when they landed. The mother died at the birth.  FUNK (FUNCK), name unknown (I791)
36 First name could be Magdelena. From Marriages in Fountain Co, IN SPITLER, Magdalene (I301)
37 Fought in the Civil War. HANKS, Franklin Safford (I347)
38 Fought in the War of 1812 HANKS, Jarvis (I636)
39 Frederick Funk emigrated from Rhinish Palatinate to American on Sept. 29, 1733 Philadelphia Pennsylvania. On the ship " Pink Mary " of Dublin from Ratterdam. Left Europe because of religious persecution. During the voyage acrossed the ocean a son was born, named Adam, who was weven weeks old when they landed. The mother died at the birth. On landing, Frederick left his infant son Adam, in the care of a friend in Philadelphia, while he went to look for business or a place to settle, but was never heard from afterwards. It is possible that he emigrated to Virginia, where he may have lived till his death.  Family F219
40 From the Ames Historical Society:

Oscar was an instructor of the Iowa State College band in 1920, served as Assistant and Associate Professor of Music from 1921 to 1937, and, according to the Iowa State website, was the ISC Band Director from 1922-1935.

Oscar was also the Director of the Ames Municipal Band (Ames, IA) sometime between 1924 and 1930. 
HAWLEY, Oscar Hatch (I35)
41 From The History of the Descendants of John Hottell:

"... was a vounteer soldier in the Civil War, 99th Ohio Regiment, Company I; was taken prisoner at the Battle of Chickamauga, GA on 20 Sep 1863, and died of smallpox at Danvile, VA." 
SEITZ, Abraham J. (I585)
42 From the History of the descendants of John Hottell:

"Mr. Seitz enlisted in the Civil War, 28 Sep 1864, in the 66th O.V.I. serving eight months. He was a distingruished pioneer farmer and Primitive Baptist. In that day Putnam County near the Seitz farm was swampy and heavily timbered. Here ague and milk sickness was prevalent and wild beasts abounded." 
SEITZ, Philemon Beecher (I581)
43 From The History of the descendants of John Hottell:

"Mrs. Seitz was a member of the Catholic Communion. Her maternal grandfather came from France to America with General LaFayette and fought under him in the war of the Revolution." 
DE VINNEY, Mary (I600)
44 From the ISC Alumnus (May 1930):

Coit-Hawley Marriage at St. Johns
Ms. Mary Chandler Coit, associate professor in economic science at Iowa State and Oscar Hatch Hawley, associate professor of music at the College were married the middle of March at St. John's chapel.
Mrs. Hawley came to the College in 1927 and was later granted a year's leave of absence to study for her doctor's degree. She returned to the College in the fall of 1929. Mr. Hawley has been director of the Iowa State College symphony orchestra and band for the past nine years. 
Family F97
45 From

Nancy Hanks (January 26, 1784 - December 9, 1818), mother of President Abraham Lincoln and Sarah Lincoln, was born on February 5, 1784, in Hampshire County, Virginia (now Mineral County, West Virginia.) She was born in a log cabin on the Doll farm near Mike's Run at the base of Knobly Mountain near Antioch, West Virginia. and baptized in the Broad Run Baptist Church there which still retains the baptismal record. She is thought to be born out of wedlock. Little is known about her early life, but she was admired as an excellent seamstress. On June 12, 1806, she married Thomas Lincoln.

They had three children:

Sarah Lincoln, born February 10, 1807
Abraham Lincoln, born February 12, 1809
Thomas Lincoln, born in 1812 who died in infancy

In 1816 Nancy Hanks and her family moved to Southern Indiana. On October 5, 1818, Nancy Hanks Lincoln died of "milk sickness", a disease contracted from drinking the milk of a cow that has eaten the poisonous white snakeroot. In the same year, several other people also died of "milk sickness" in the small town of Little Pigeon Creek in Spencer County, Indiana, where the Lincolns lived. Nancy Hanks Lincoln was only thirty-four years old when she died, and her son Abraham was only nine.

Nancy Hanks Lincoln's grave is located in Nancy Hanks Lincoln Cemetery, on the grounds of Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in Lincoln City, Indiana.

HANKS, Nancy (I830)
46 Galusha was 25 and Lovina was 23 years old. Family F23
47 HANKS, JOSEPH, ran the grist mill his father built. He raised a numerous family, and with most of them removed to West Virginia, in 1816. His eldest son, Jarvis, was a drummer boy, at the age of 14, in the war of 1812. He afterwards became noted as a landscape and portrait painter, at Cleveland, Ohio. His next son, Festus, became a Presbyterian minister in New Jersey, where he died in early life HANKS, Joseph (I634)
48 HANKS, WILLIAM, from Suffield, Conn., settled on the present homestead of Alex. Clayton. He was an enterprising though eccentric man. He planted a vineyard north of his house, which, for a while, was promising, but the boys would steal his grapes, which so vexed him that he let it run down. On many places in West Pawlet a vine derived from this vineyard still flourishes. He built a grist mill on Pawlet river just below the Frary bridge. He died in 1807, aged 79; his widow was burned to death in 1809, aged 73. His sons, who settled in this town, were Oliver, Joseph and Arunah. HANKS, William (I625)
49 Harry and Dee near the Mechling family farm and also ran Mechling Heating & Air Conditioning until Harry's death in 1968. Family F272
50 Held the rank of Lieutenant in the US Navy. HAWLEY, Eunice J. (I285)

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